Mv1000 brume problem

when the update will come for the brume??, i keep having disconnection problem almost everyday since December, i tried all the beta firmware one by one, but still have the same issue. my brume is connected to the awus036ac and im using it as a repeater , and after 1 or 2 days of use , it drop the connection, i have to restard and connect again by typing the ssid password. so i downgrade to 3.105 because its the most stable right now, but its really annoying, almost a year that im fighting with this rooter, i bought it because it was supposed to make my life better , and an official update was supposed to be release end of may, we are in august and still nothing :pensive:

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We will release the firmware today or tomorrow. But as you said the beta firmware has problems as well. So it may not solve your issue.

Did you contact support via email and send the log?

no, how can i get the log ?

Ssh to the router and use command


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Refund perhaps or send back the router empty so you can fiilit whit good stuff count me in hehe

sorry alzhao, but how to do a SSH to the router ? :sweat_smile:

We will release the firmware today or tomorrow when is that ?

This Wi-Fi dongle is especially designed for the GL-MV1000 i have better connection whit the built in wifi than this

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Can you delete mine account in here glinet forum cant find it in preference

Done. You are anonymous now.

thanks you alzhao :pray:t4:

wow…i remember putty…my age has been leaked