MV1000 Brume VPN connection issues with policies enabled

I’m using my MV1000 (firmware 3.102) with OpenVPN and a VPN policy enabled where only one device (MAC address) can connect to VPN.
When I try to connect to VPN and the policies are already enabled, the VPN never connects. I first have to disable the policies and then the VPN connects after which I have to enable the policy again.
Is this normal?

I tried with 3 different VPN providers with same result:

  • VPNUnlimitedAPP
  • FastestVPN
  • Ivacy VPN

Rebooting the device (with VPN policies enabled) has mixed results:

  1. Sofware reboot never connects to VPN
  2. Hardware reboot (removing power) sometimes connects to VPN

Several users reported this and will investigate.

Thanks Alzhao.
I saw a new firmware (Testing) for the MV1000 today.
The update did not help with above issue.
Hope it gets resolved soon.