Mv1000 brume wireguard reconnection issues


I’ve just installed a Mv1000 brume and use it solely as a VPN client.

WAN uplink is an unstable connection (it’s a NAT with the external connection often (like every 2 hours) goes down for 10 seconds and then come back with a new external IP)

This means that every established connection needs to be re-established.

the Mv1000 is set to use mullvad as VPN but from time to time I find it stuck with the WG not working.

I’ve to manually get into the “WireGuard Client” page, click on “abort” and then manually reconnect it back (or change the mullvad server).

I’ve two questions:
is there a way to setup “retries” on wireguard so when one wireguard connection fails it try to connect to another one?
For example for mullvad it currently have hundreds of servers configured and ready to be used, but I’ve to manually swap them around.
Would be perfect being able to keep like 10 of them configured and have the mv1000 rotate across them when one fails

Additionally could it be some mv1000 issue on reconnecting to WG after too many retries when the connection is down? (the times where I have to manually select abort or alternatively change the VPN to another mullvad location)

Is there some ready to use script that can survive upgrades I can add to check WG tunnel status from time to time and force a reconnect if it is in a inconsistent state?

thank you

managed to consistently reproduce the behavior apparently:

unplug the wan cable for like 5 seconds and plug it back in.

wireguard tunnel get “stuck” and to get out of that I’ve to “abort” and then connect again manually

I tried two times,

one time just unplug the wan cable and wait for a long time, then replug it. In this way, Wireguard can reconnect.

The 2nd time unplug the cable and wait for several seconds, replug it, Wireguard cannot reconnect.

I recorded this as a bug.

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