MV1000 randomly stop responding

Hello, I have had my MV1000 for awhile but it has been randomly hanged (from every few days to weeks). All default settings no additional plugins and with an openvpn connection and DMZ set. I wonder if it’s hardware or other thing. Any ways I could check it?

New models have a 3A power supply while older have a USB type 2A charger. Which one do you have ?

I got it last year around Jun. To be honest, I have never used the power adapter that came with it. But I connect it directly to the Mac mini USB port (A > C cable). Are you suggesting trying a 3A power adapter may resolve the issue? Below is a screenshot from the system preference.

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 2.43.56 PM

If you mean connecting the USB type C port to your mac and communicate via the cable, it may be a problem of the driver stability.

Ethernet cable should be much better.

Thanks @alzhao - is there plan to improve the driver? Since the Mac mini ethernet port is reserved for another propose. It would be great if I could keep using the USB-C as ethernet on the device.

As for alternative solution - @DeepAnger mentioned that a 3A adapter would be more stable. Should I use a 2A or 3A power adapter?


I just checked the box and I got the 2A adapter.

You should try it to see if it improves stability. I have both 2A and 3A and had no problem with any yet.

If you use a power adapter, you’d better use 3A. But this is not what your problem because you are powering up by your mac book.

This ethernet on power is an experimental feature. It is related to opensource drivers on the router and on the pc. We have no plan to further develop it.

Understood. Thanks for all your feedback. I will try to power the router directly from the power adapter and see if the stability would be improved first. Will report back later.

@alzhao @DeepAnger - Just an update after more than a week - the router did not hang anymore. I connected it with the stock 2A power adapter. Beside a few occasion disconnections of the VPN (reconnected properly automatically), there is so far no issue getting back into the router. Thanks again for your help!