Mv1000 sdcard ext4 or squash for vanilla openwrt 21.02rc1

flashed both to sdcards and of course nothing. Any hints on how to get this working?

thank you

Better to get the log and check.

where do I type “logread flashing power light” with no terminal connection?. :wink:

I downloaded SDcard (EXT4), which is 8MB. When unzip it to .img file it is 125MB.

I upload this file to MV1000’s via uboot. Pls note mv1000 uboot LED status is a little different. But when press and hold for several seconds, power and wifi led light up and it enters uboot failsafe mode.

The file upload in around 20 seconds. Just wait. It flashes and reboot very quickly.

LAN and WAN works normally.

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did it leave the ubuntu partition entact with all it’s data?

so you said the ext4 scard … just making sure is it installed to the first boot os of the mv1000 and not the second boot ubuntu os partitions

I used the openwrt imagebuilder and two files were created
ext4 sdcard .img
and squashfilesystem sdcard .img

with all your other devices one might lean towards the squash but I’m just making sure.

I used windows.

I used ext4 sdcard. I didn’t try squash. I don’t know exactly what is the difference. Just image it could be writeable system or readonly+overlay

not sure what you mean by that

was stated to ask if /data still had all its data intact. it might not be mounted automatically by vanilla-openwrt, but I was using it to store data from gli-openwrt and also be ununtu bootable. this was in hopes that I could just mount it and copy the “switch_system” script from gli-openwrt and the .dtb file referred in the script to use with vanill-openwrt
sorry for being so nit-picky on my questions “I just like asking what might be at the bottom of a cliff before I jump” my stupidity lies where I know how high it is and still dont’ care :wink:

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