Mv1000 ver 3.1 beta firmware released?

3.100 openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.100-1217.img 1e62075cb280c1effa26dc193b55dbc2 30575505

I cannot see link in


It has some bugs and need to be redone

Is the version posted in testing better now ? Is version openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.102-0120.img

yeah I’ve been teesting with alfa wifi adapters. I had the large wifi adapter already but ordered the smaller one from amazon. larger was to clunky for travel purposes.

wifi seams okay other than you only can have 5 or 2mhz. def better than no wifi.

still having trouble installing packages with latest build like nano or kmod-usb-net-rtl8152

Do i understand you correct that wifi is enabled now ?

No, rp201rp has been using some external alfa usb wifi adapters to test, not built in wifi.

Pls read this post for the extra wifi dongle supported.

Still have some bugs to be solved.

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