MV1000 VPN Server Setup challenges

I just purchased an MV1000 and I want to use it solely for VPN Server, not client. Wireguard preferably. I have a DSL modem from Centurylink connected to an ASUS router (aimesh). I’ve tried plugging the Brume into the router but I can’t seem to get VPN to work.

A few specific questions - If I plug the Brume in via the WAN port, is there any way to access it for configuration? Or must I have WAN AND LAN ports plugged in? Is it ok to plug both ports into the same router?

What physical connections should I make? Should the Brume WAN port be plugged into my modem, or into my router? What should the LAN port(s) be plugged into?

Do I need to assign the Brume an IP on my local subnet, or can I keep the default

And then I could use some assistance in setting up the VPN server specifically, I don’t understand all the options, for example “Allow access local network” and “LAN IP”. What is the significance of these options?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Your MV1000’s WAN should connect to your router’s LAN.

Your MV1000’s LAN should connect to your pc when you use your pc to set up the router. After set up, you do not need your PC connected to the LAN.

Then, you should set up wireguard server according to this guide WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Docs

“Allow access local network” means, when you connect to your Wireguard server from the Internet, do you want to allow that connect connect to your home network, or just the Internet?

Just leave the not changed.

The key point, is to set up port forward on your main router, port 51820 to MV1000 51820. Otherwise your MV1000 is not accessible from the Internet.

Hi @alzhao ,

I have a Motorola Cable Modem connected with my ISP - Comcast.
I also have an ORBI RBK30 AC2200 Router. (usually connected to the Modem)

Quick Questions:

  1. Is it possible to convert ORBI RBK30 AC2200 router as a VPN Server?
  2. If the answer to question#1 is a no, then I am planning to purchase MV-1000 Brume to function as VPN Server. If I purchase MV-1000, should I connect MV-1000 directly into the Cable Modem to work as a VPN server?
  3. In your guidance above, you had suggested to plug in MV-1000 into the router? why is this suggested? What is the purpose of a router in this scenario?

Sorry I don’t know.

Yes it is better to just connect to your modem so that you do not need to do port forward in the main router. Pls note, the modem may not accept new mac address (new router), you need to reboot the modem or ask your ISP to reset the modem if you have a problem of connecting MV1000 to it.

Some users just don’t want to touch their current setup. Furthermore, MV1000 does not have wifi.

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