MV1000 VPN Speeds

Will the VPN speeds of the brume improved with updates or its a done deal on that regards?

What a mean it’s, my wifi router has less powerful hardware and I get faster OVPN speeds with it, only reason I put the brume in front of it was to try wireguard witch it’s not supported by my router firmware.

It is unlikely that the BRUME will achieve greater throughput.

The GL-AX1800 will be able to handle much more throughput on WireGuard though (over 660 Mbps). I’m replacing my BRUME with the FLINT (GL-AX1800).

Thanks for the info
I just got my brume :rage: its a little disappointed.
But anyway, let’s see how the Flint comes price wise, and I heard it has an old SDK and an old kernel, I’m going to wait for a few updates and see what you guys said :wink:

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I’m buy 2 pcs. brume-w two month ago, wifi is very bad, in all another moments is good, now i’m want buy Flint, brume-w is goin on the reserve

You should still be able to get the advertised 97 Mbps on OpenVPN using the BRUME. You may want to switch to AES-128-CBC to get the best possible throughput, using 256-CBC or 128-GCM/256-GCM are more taxing on the processor.

Thanks for the follow up
How I do that?

It is a variable on the .ovpn config, if you’re connecting to a commercial VPN provider.

It will look like:

cipher AES-256-GCM

Just change this line to:

cipher AES-128-CBC

This requires that your commericial VPN provider supports the cipher, it probably does, but it’s not guaranteed.

If you’re setting up your BRUME as a server, there is likewise a configuration setting to change the preferred cipher. But if you’re using it as a server you should really move to the more peformant WireGuard, it knocks the socks off of OpenVPN. :slight_smile: I would also consider moving to a commercial VPN that supports WireGuard as well, like Mullvad, AzireVPN, Windscribe and many others.

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I’m using the brume as a client in front of my network, my provider it’s protonvpn, I did try wireguard for a few days with Mullvad and indeed it’s really fast, but unfortunately Proton it’s not supporting wireguard configuration files at the moment so for now I’m stuck with OVPN.