MWAN Alerts and Notifications

I’ve setup my AC1300 with my 4G and cable provider for Internet. The default route is set for cable, and the backup works great when the primary circuit goes down.

I’d like to get some kind of alert when this happens, and I’m struggling with how to approach this. Have any of you configured alerting for MWAN or OpenWRT? I can’t seem to find any doco to suggest a good solution.

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The route is managed by mwan3, which has very complicated script. It is better not to touch it.

You can write a script to monitor wan and 4G interface, then use mqtt to send notification. But this seems a little difficult to do.

We will enhance notification in our app and may have this feature in the future.

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Use the /etc/mwan3.user file to write a script to alert you. You can incorporate any alerting mechanism you want. You can even use Lua Slack hooks or just a simple email. If you have an SMS gateway, you can use that too.

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