My GL-AR750S seems to be dead

Well, my trusty Slate that has traveled around the world (literately) that was purchased when it was a limited pre-order seems to have finally died. Thursday night while in a hotel, it just stopped working. The green power (farthest left) led turns on but the 2G and 5G stay dark. No wifi signal detected.

A hard reset makes all the lights flash but still, once powered on only the power light is on. I’ve tired using ethernet to connect but my computer can detect the cable is plugged in but gets no IP address.

I’ve tried many resets and reboots!

Any suggestions, or is there a Beryl in my future?

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Last resort before a new Beryl would be to try reloading firmware via uboot. This would establish normally if a hardware or software issue.

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Yup, that did the trick… only about 2 hours after the Beryl was delivered by Amazon :rofl:

Looks like I now have a backup Slate for my new Beryl… Amazon was 20% off so I figure either way, I’ve got a new toy to play with!

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Good stuff. Personally still prefer my slate as my travel router for my requirements and for me the best balance between weight, size, performance and power consumption on the go.

I totally understand that… I was pretty surprised how big the Beryl is. I never had a complaint about the Slate performance as hotel wifi is typically MUCH slower than the wireguard throughput.