My Slate is Here!

Yipee. My Slate is here.
Just flashed it with the AdGuardHome version.
Still new to it and looking thru the plugins.
And I have been testing it with USB modem, USB Wifi dongle to see whether these are supported. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an observation to ask.

How come when I try to plug an USB modem, it will show back and forth between tethering and usb 3g/4g modem. Is this by design (trying to auto setup)? Is there a way to disable it and choose which one to use instead?

It should not. Maybe your modem is new and the driver does not work properly.

Can you set up your modem to hostless so that it work as tethering only? It will work better.

Perhaps. Will try it out and feedback later.

Been playing for a few days.

Noticed better performance when goodcloud is disabled on the slate.
Is this expected? :thinking:

Goodcloud should not affect performance.

Ya. Thatโ€™s what I believe too.

But so far, after turning it off, performance on the box is better than having it running. Canโ€™t be resource issue right?