My Use Case - Can GL.inet help?

I have a decent-sized (Unifi) home network connected to the internet via a bridged VDSL2 modem (bridged … in that all it does is handle the internet connection and my separate router manages my network, connecting to the internet via DHCP). I recently had a half-day outage and that made me realise, as I’m working from home and we were in a bit of a crunch phase, how reliant I am on a completely stable internet connection. So, realised I needed a backup option … just in case:

  • If I lose the internet connection, I just want to be able to tether my phone to a device which will act as * the modem … just in case I need it.
  • My existing modem is in bridge-mode with DHCP turned off (so that it doesn’t conflict with the router).
  • My router connects to the internet via the modem via DHCP.

If I had a small bridge that I could hot-swap over in case I REALLY need it without changing anything on the rest of my network. I don’t need anything with WiFi as my network already has APs.

Does anything that GL.inet fit that bill?

You main router (the one does the DHCP and NAT) should do the work to manage multiple Internet connections.

One Internet connection is your modem. Another will be your phone tethering.

So things to check your Unifi router: 1. Can it manage multiple connections? 2. Can it tether your phone, via USB or wifi?

If it can of course you can keep it. If not you can change it to one GL.iNet router, which can do this.

But if your Unifi router can hand multiple connections, you can just use GL.iNet router to tethering your phone and feed a 2nd Internet to your Unifi.

Thanks. I’ve been seeking advice on other forums and I believe I can use the WAN2 port on my USG. IF I use a GL-MV1000 (Brume) set in bridge mode and failover to it when I tether my phone to it…

This sounds correct, does it not?

To tethering your phone, you may use MT1300 and MV1000, which have better power designs.

But you need to put them in router mode, not bridge mode. Then you connect a cable from the mini router to your USG.

You4 USG should do the failover if it can.

I’ve set up my MV1000 and it works fine in router mode … for its own network only. I do not route through my USG3 however. I’ve set up the failover exactly as people on various forms have said to do, so it seems that the setup of the MV1000 is not right.

I updated to the latest firmware. Bridge mode is not an option. The only two options I have are Router Mode and Access Point (whatever that is … there’s no explanation at all).

Edit: I did have some success with setting some settings in the advanced mode, but it usually only lasted less than 30secons before it would all come crashing down again.

For Access Point mode, in the UI there is diagram showing how it works. But I acknowledge there is no explanation.

Access Point mode is bridge mode. .e.g your LAN is bridge to WAN.

If you want to handle multiple connections, you should just use router mode.

Maybe you can just give details of your setup. Screenshot are helpful.