My VPN Puzzle

I have two Mangos. One hanging of my T-Mobile Home Internet at my Minnesota house and another off a fiber provider at my Illinois house. Minnesota Mango was configured as an OpenVPN Server. Illinois Mango as a client and connects to Minnesota. Weird thing is my Illinois laptop, connected via Wifi to the Illinois Mango, when I go to identifies as being in Minnesota — BUT, my desktop, connected via Ethernet to the Illinois Mango, identifies itself as being connected to the Illinois fiber provider. Clearly, the desktop appears to be split tunneling whereas the laptop is not, but why? I don’t have Internet Kill Switch on nor VPN Policy – as then the machines don’t appear to get all the way to the internet. Ideas? My goal here is I want all my devices to appear in Minnesota as that is what I consider home and what my various sports subscriptions expect.

What if your laptop was connected via WIFI?