Name this mode in English

Where can one find the Drop-in Gateway mode on the Slate AX? Can someone please provide some clear guidance about it? Many thanks.

Change language to Chinese and you will have that.

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Is this feature the only one that you can access when language is in Chinese? Is there a way to get it same on English do you need help translating?

Many thanks. Are you able to please provide a screenshot?

Let’s add this to all the languages.


OMG. Thanks for making this feature available to this router and also in English so quickly. I have just tried it and I could not believe how well this works making all my longstanding double NATing and other networking woes almost vanish into thin air. I am so glad that I purchased a second Slate AX for my home use and also left a glowing and a well deserved five-star review of this router on Amazon. One think I have noticed though is that VPN policies are not being respected when using this feature and I hope that this could be fixed soon.


Anyone has successfully implemented it ?
I have a question that the running “Drop-In Mode” router WAN port need to run which protocol ? DHCP ?

I have tried it as the WAN port to gain access through DHCP and connect to my “main”(Brume) router’s LAN port, it seems nothing go through the “Drop-In mode” router(a1300). :upside_down_face:

Ah, after rebooting the “Drop-In gateway” router, it works, the traceroute go through it. :slight_smile:

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I have a funny idea, if the “Drop In Gateway” mode routers can chain together to make it multiple layers of “Drop-In” ? It looks interesting and will try it later to see if it works ? :upside_down_face:

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Mine was working brilliantly initially but then started dropping connections to clients connected to the parent router (for milliseconds at a time) quite a lot (discovered this when was downloading larger files and the downloads kept on interrupting). Is yours sustaining connection to clients connected to the main router and if so which firmware version are you on?

one I didn’t see is what might also fit - apologies for the late response here

“virtual gateway” - as this is what it appears like to the rest of the network in a transparent way…