Name this mode in English

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Can you help to name it in English?

The router can work in Router mode, or bridge mode. In all modes, you need to change the network typology, i.e. you need to reconnect the wires.

In “this mode”, you don’t need to touch your network setup. You only need to connect the WAN port of the GL.iNet router to your main router’s LAN, it will take over the network gateway. All of your data will go throught the GL.iNet router. VPN, DNS, Adguard etc. all works.

Yes the GL.iNet uses ARP spoofing and tell every device that it is the gateway.

Some vendors call it “simple mode”, which actually does not explain too much.

Peraphs “Automatic Gateway Mode”… or “Automatic Master Gateway Mode”?
And maybe add arp spoofing in brackets, like: “Auto Gateway Mode (ARP spoofing)”.

I think it’s called Edge Gateway mode. :upside_down_face:

What are you trying to do with arp spoofing. I’m interested

The first post explains it. It is just very easy setup without changing your network connections.

Wires didn’t change.
Subnet didn’t change

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I do not know if there’s a name for that… but it seems to me like an “Automatic Gateway Override” or something like that.

Now, it seems super cool and I have several places where I’d use it (cool for split site-to-site without additional hardware or touching the gateway)


As I don’t know an official term for this network behaviour, I do think of ‘Transparent Gateway’ as more explained term.
I don’t think I want anyone in my branches is using this (I’m head of IT), but I can think of some use cases.

Or name it of what it did: ‘Enhanced Gateway’.


I use: AP Mode

Per my understanding and doing a quick Google search, AP Mode seems to be the correct name. See: and What's the difference between access point (AP) mode and router mode? | Windows Central

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client + ap mode

you can send my gift as a sft1200 :slight_smile:

I think you could just call it ARP spoofing & add a description as to what it does :slight_smile:

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The first time I feel English is so lack of words.

Must have good name for it in German or Russian.

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ARP Spoofing, ARP Poisoning…I only heard about this as something mainly malicious, used in Man in the Middle attacks. .

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The question behind ‘simple mode’ is “Where stands the audience”?
For any not network aware user it sounds simple to crack open the communication and hijack the Gateway. For any IDS or filtering (even to protect the users) it will be hell.

In German I would stick with “Erweitertes Gateway” (Enhanced Gateway).

What do you expect from this setting? An easy way to use VPN in an existing network. For me the easiest way is NAT. But I know this is the minority of travel router users.
ARP spoofing is just the used technique. It is not what it does for the end user. This is the reason why I would vote against a too technical term, even of it is not wrong.


Some marketing-friendly naming options, i.e. avoid using terms like “spoofing” and “impersonation.”

  • Gateway overlay mode
  • Gateway override mode
  • Drop-in gateway mode

Best names. Especially the last one is the best.

Eaves Drop-in gateway mode :laughing:

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“Drop-In Gateway” works also in other languages, since Alexa uses “Drop In” as voice command for internal calls. At least in German.

Just saw this feature released for the GL-AXT1800 :slight_smile:

Is it also coming to the flint?

@alzhao any update on this?


Very much looking forward to testing the drop in gateway mode😄

Yes, It is. But it’s not coming soon.
We are in the process of officially upgrading flint to 4.x, so we have not compiled the test firmware for flint yet.