NAS access through firewall

Hello Forum,
tried to search, but got no hints. My situation is as follows, all wired connections:

( - Internet
switch - NAS( with NFS
(WAN LAN) - Raspi3(

The GL is already running in router mode with OpenVPN client. The Raspi can access the internet via VPN. This is the supposed job for the GL.
But I want the Raspi to access my NAS via NFS too. I opened port 80 on the firewall to access the GL’s admin panel from WAN side, that works fine. Further, I forwarded all other ports (1.79 and 81-65535) to the Raspi’s internal IP. Without the GL, the connection between Raspi and NAS used to work fine, but with the GL inbetween I’m stuck in tunneling the GL’s firewall or NAT setup.
Any hints how to solve this?

I don’t think the forward ports works.

But you should use vpn policy and add the to not use vpn.

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Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I’m no network expert and have no idea what that means. Where can I alter a VPN policy?
In the end, I want the GL to route the Raspi’s internet traffic all via VPN but it’s NAS traffic without VPN.
In the NAS’s NFS settings, I need to give an IP address of the remote device supposed to connect to the NAS. Is this the GL’s IP How to tunnel the GL’s firewall with the NFS traffic?


VPN policy is the settings on the UI.

Thanks, I found it and entered a rule similar to yours:

Screenshot 2022-04-29 161118

Replaced the Raspi with a Win PC ( for testing purpose.
Situation unchanged - still no communication to my NAS. The internet is still reachable through VPN.

Can you just use