Nat 10.10.10.xx then ap

I would like to take a 10.10.10.xx and 10.10.11.xx network and nat it to 192.168.xx.xx under a AP.
Can this be done? Can I do this because AP takes over. Do I need to leave it in route and WAN is my 10.10.10.xx and wifi from wireless is the 192.168.xx.xx ? I have a series of machines that all have the same ip structure. I would like to nat the first to 192.168.1.xx and second machine to 192.168.3.xx. then my large wifi router network will have 192.168.xx.xx with them all in it for monitoring.
I am trying to use the GL-MT300N-V2

Picture please – including if you’re talking mapping entire hosts and, if so, how.