NAT connection timeout period (750S)?

I’ve noticed that when composing a message in Alpine (can’t get virii with text-only E-mail! :slight_smile:) that if I take too long to compose a message that the IMAP connection drops.

What’s the timeout for NATed connections set to by default, and is there a way to increase it? It seems like it’s really low right now, like 5 mins. While I can find a way to try to get Alpine to check more often, it shouldn’t be necessary.

I’m running 3.013, FWIW

It should be in /etc/sysctl.d

nice email client!

Thanks. I tried changing net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_tcp_timeout_unacknowledged via sysctl -w, but based on looking at the /proc/net/nf_conntrack file and seeing that the connection in question never leaves the ASSURED state I don’t think the problem is the Slate. I thought maybe Alpine’s not sending a reply back to my IMAP server in time while composing and the server is the one hanging up the connection, but the problem is it doesn’t happen at home (or anywhere else, come to think of it). That being said, I’m in Bangalore right now and if the ISP here at my office is doing NATing of its own that timeout could be too small as well.