Nat loopback / reflection using Wireguard client

Hello everyone. i’ll try to describe my situation.

I’m using a flint router that use wireguard client to connect to my own VPS to get public IP. All the traffic are routed from vps to glinet gateway. Same for the ports.

All works fine and from internet i’m able to reach all published services on my home server. Now I get a problem when i decided to publish my NVR because I don’t want to use the cloud of the manufacturer of the cameras. I configured the phone app and pc app to use the public address of the vps (as i described above all the traffic is routed to wg client on glinet) and this is a problem because i don’t know how to set nat reflection rule to redirect the traffic from my LAN devices to my public ip/port to the local ip address/port of the NVR ( Someone can help me?

Does port forwards solve your problem?