NAT type still D after setting IP in DMZ - Ideas?

Hey All,

trying to use my ar750s-ext to provide network to my Nintendo Switch. I’ve set a static IP for the switch and set the IP address in the DMZ - so in theory this device should be completely open to the world. Any ideas on whats going on? The Nintendo Switch is reporting NAT Type D - which is pretty limiting for online usage.

My phone is providing internet to the ar750s via EasyTether - if I connect the switch directly to the phone hotspot, I get a NAT type of B, however I’m using the ar750s as a hub for getting a few other devices online that don’t have wifi capabilities.

Would love to see if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what’s going on

Does your ar750s have a public IP? If it’s under a multilayer of NAT, it will not work.
Besides, for ar750s, the DMZ is not designed to make it type NAT A. It’s only DNAT. I guess need other rules or plugins to make it type A.