Native MESH support on GL gui or luci

are there any plans to add support for configuring mesh setup on the GL-iNet’s gui or otherwise?

the AR750’s enable very cost-effective and discrete solution per room while still offering 2 available Ethernet ports etc.
my thinking was to replace the mesh set I currently have with the TP-Link Deco M5 / M9 with a bunch of synchronized AR750 or AR750s

What firmwares do you have on TP-Link for mesh?

I currently run version 1.4.2 (latest), but the mesh has been successfully working with my 3 Deco M5’s for the past year and a half. and the best thing about it is that it properly uses Ethernet back-haul with VERY smooth handover between the mesh nodes.

the only things I am missing which is why I created this topic is :

  1. POE for the the mesh nodes (makes it simpler to scatter them around without the need to wire power etc)
  2. “smart” and flexible configuration of the nodes (most mesh products work great but with a pretty basic feature set)
  3. OVPN / TOR support at the nodes without the need to attach additional devices (I currently connect a separate AR750 to each mesh node)

That is version but what is firmwares that you use for mesh on TP-Link?

I am not sure I understand the question.
the TP-Link mesh devices I use are Deco M5. the mesh capabilities are native in them.

the current version I use on them is 1.4.2

We tried to make a mesh firmware for AR750. During usage it is much complicated. These devices is not designed for mesh and it is very complicate for a common user to set up.During usage mesh does not provide a good user experience. So we didn’t continue this firmware.

To design a mesh UI is especially complicated and it is better to use smartphone app for this purpose. We will have professional mesh devices and app soon.

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