Need a firewall rule

Router: GL Inet 750M Travel AC Router

Client Net:

The Router makes a openVPN Connection to a VPN server.
The connection is working and a can ping an different client connected to VPN Server 192.168.173.x

Unfortunately the ping only works if I restart the firewall after starting the router. I do that with a script delayed after starting the router. But that doesn’t seem to be the correct solution to me.

When I try to connect client 1 to client 2 via VNC software on port 5900, this only works if I deactivate the firewall on client 1 router.

I need a rule how to allow traffic udp and tcp from 192.168.174.x through the VPN Connection 10.8.4.x.

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Can you tell me which is client 1 and which is client 2?

I understand on one side you have a router connecting to your vpn server, how about the other side? Another router?