Need a little help how to access files away from home GL-S1300

Hi, I have set up my S1300 with a 256gb USB 3.0 key plugged it in to the USB port on the router, I have set up file sharing and modified it to support SMB1, through to SMB3, I can access it and upload files to it too and from my PC, my partners Apple iphone 12 Pro and my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (android) devices, as long as the device that I am uploading from or trying to view the files on is connected to the same network, however, I cant figure out how I can view the files remotley, ie away from home using my mobile data for instance, I have enabled share via WAN in the file sharing setting, but dont know how to access this remotely, I am using Windows, andoid and IOS devices, I dont necessarily need to upload, just really to view the files away from home, hope this makes sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I have not tried File Sharing specifically but for general remote access to my router and VNC into my PC from outside home LAN network, I am using ZeroTier over my OPenWRT device (not a GL.iNet device). Instructions at Home · mwarning/zerotier-openwrt Wiki · GitHub .

ZeroTier create a separate private LAN network that tunnels (like a VPN) over the WAN connection of a device connected to a ZeroTier network. It works even over NAT, atleast in my case.

In you LAN network, you are accessing using Windows Share (SMB), which is not supposed to do it via public Internet.

So here is what you can do:

  1. Set up openvpn or wireguard server on S1300, then connect to the vpn server from remote, then you should be able to access your files.

  2. Set up S2S using GoodCloud (you need another GL.iNet device), so that you can access device from each end.

  3. Set up some server on S1300, e.g. sftp, http and access your files from the Internet.