Need clarification to setup vlans on AX-1800

I am in a WISP environment and have my FLINT setup in repeater mode without rebroadcasting a wifi signal, i.e. WAN connection to wireless then LAN from ports LAN1 through LAN4. I have physical Ethernet connections to LAN1 and LAN4 on the back of the router; however, when I look at the Switch settings under Luci, I see that Port 1 and Port 3 show up as 1000baseT with CPU(eth0) showing up as 100baseT. I would have thought Port 1 and Port 4 would have connections on them.

What I am trying to do is setup 5 vlans, with known IP addresses and DHCP service, all coming from a single port on the FLINT to my managed switch.

I assume that eth0 is the WAN port. I had also assumed that eth1 follows LAN1 / Port 1, eth2 follows LAN2 / Port 2, etc. But this doesn’t seem to be the case, most notably I have a Port 5. What is the relationship of eth, Port, and LAN numbers?

Right now I have vlans setup which are part of eth3: eth3.4, eth3.5, eth3.6, etc. since I am only allowed vlan numbers between 1 and 15 using Luci. Could someone point me to a clarification for setting up vlans on this router? I have reviewed the other topics and they do not seem to have an answer for what I am looking for. Thanks for any help on this.

I’m not skilled with VLANs but

I’d drop to SSH & cat /etc/config/network . You can see how/what ports are attached to what if/devices there faster than digging thru LuCI. The nano editor is worth trying if you don’t care for vi (opkg update; opkg install nano).

You can use a cable and test if it is active by plugging into each port
Use this command to find out if there is link

swconfig dev switch0 show|grep link

eth0 is WAN port. This is also linked to port1 of the switch.
The luci display eth0 as CPU seems a problem.

eth1 is the switch
WAN: port1
LAN1: port2
LAN2: port3
LAN3: port4
LAN4: port5


Thanks for the responses so far; they have been enlightening, especialy the one from alzhao. After doing some of my own experiments, I found that the Luci Switch labeling seems to have everything wrong. The 100baseT turned out to be my TV which was plugged into LAN4. The 1000baseT labeled Port 3 was my managed switch which was plugged into LAN1. So the labeling (FLINT labels → Luci Switch labels), after moving the cables around, appears to be:

switch(eth1)? → Port 1
WAN(eth0) → Port 2
LAN1 → Port 3
LAN2 → Port 4
LAN3 → Port 5
LAN4 → CPU(eth0)

I’ve been searching for a default configuration drawing (OpenWRT) of the FLINT, but so far no luck. I now have a better idea of which LAN ports to put my tagged vlans on. I wish there was some file on the FLINT that I could modify so that the Luci Switch labels could be made correct.

Typically this class of devices have a port on the CPU that is connected to the switch. Each of the jacks are usually configured as ports on the switch. Some devices may have two ports on the CPU with one directly connected to a jack, but this is less common. The numbering is sometimes based on SoC-level details, not the “obvious” ordering or labels on the case.

You might try modifying board.json or the UCI network@device[0].ports to see if that changes things. Changing port labels may require corresponding changes throughout your config. As it is cosmetic for me, I have never bothered.

Edit: Looking at your config in the lead post, the CPU port likely needs to be tagged for all VLANs. One way to think of it is that port is a cable from the switch to the CPU.

Why is your result different form mine. I verified mine one port after another before posting.

Hi alzhao,

Your findings are correct (I just verified them using the same swconfig cli command you used while switching cables). What I was trying to show in my post after yours was the correspondence between the FLINT labeling and what was shown on the Luci Switch screen. The Luci Switch screen is completely out of whack. So I am trying to figure out the aliases between what is shown on the Luci Switch screen, the eth numbers, the labeling on the outside of the FLINT, and the values coming back from the swconfig command.

I was also trying to relate the port numbers from the swconfig cli command to eth values. So as you have stated, eth0 is the WAN port which is also port1 from the swconfig command (labeled Port 2 on the Luci Switch page). You stated the switch is eth1 which is the same as port0 from the swconfig command (which I guess is Port 1 on the Luci Switch page)?

Yes pls configure as my info.

WAN: port1 (eth0)
LAN1: port2
LAN2: port3
LAN3: port4
LAN4: port5

Do not use port0 and port7. Generally port 0 should be CPU but I have no idea of port7.