Need help configuring my FLINT AX1800

Hi GLiNet Community,
the Flint is in its recent stable Version.
I would like to setup AdGuard Home and Wireshark as VPN on the Flint while using it as a Wifi Router, while my Fritzbox 7530 is porting everything to it with exposed host.
Since the 7530 FB doesnt really offer an open bridge mode and PPPoE doesnt work im getting kind of frustrated with my setup and im about to sell the Flint.
Everytime I use the Flint behind the Fritzbox, there are errors appearing and the overall speed is decreasing randomly.

I would be happy for every kind of help I can get.
Thanks for reading

You may have more success with the Fritzbox if you configure one of the Ethernet ports of the Fritzbox as a guest network and connect the gl router there. You should then be able to configure your own settings for the port of the Fritzbox that is then configured as a guest port.

Take a test at the Fritzbox in the DNS settings the item “Force certificate verification” out. As far as I know, the Fritzboxes sometimes pause for an alternately long time when this item is activated.


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best you can do with those forced ISP routers without bridge mode is to put Flint to a DMZ ip and go from there. Random speed decline could also be caused by your vpn server load. Also, try 209 beta version of fw, idk if it’s circumstantial but my wireguard vpn connection got an average 40Mbps bump (490>530). Good luck!

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