Need help, routing


I do need your help, please.

I have got on br-lan and on eth0. openvpn tunnel is active. It is the default configuration of the network interfaces and of the firewall.

My pc on can reach the internet via vpn. that is fine, but the pc cannot reach the device

the gli-router can connect to

Thanks in advance for help.



I forgot to give some information about the router.

ar300m with 2.263.

I resolved on my own. I added an second ip address to the client.

Thanks for reporting.

Can you please explain in detail how to do this. I have the same problem i cannot access the pc from the network.

local network
glinet pc

I would like to connect the network share from my local network. Say ----> share bypass the vpn for local traffic.


hi! you need add route to client for this network or add second ip to network client interface.

google now “add second ip” “route add” for windows os.

This won’t work. It needs to be done through then ar750 router.

Have you tried to install on the client second ip

what is your operating system?

Sorry maybe I didn’t explain the gli is running a vpn. The client machine is windows 10. I tried adding the extra ip but I had to make the first ip static and assign dns settings which I assumed are the vpns because of dns leak. So when adding the second ip with .86 I could not see from the .86 network.