Need help which device is the best option for me

Hi, all I need is a simple NAS solution which is needed to provide music via SMB/NTLMv2 to a music player (Bluesound).

So the device needs the following things:

  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • USB 3.0 port (for a 256GB USB memory stick with the music files)
  • standard IP stack (DHCP or static address, default gateway)
  • SMB/NTLMv2 support
  • configuration by Telnet/SSH or Web

Not needed:

  • PoE (anyhow PoE in would be nice to eliminate the power supply)
  • WiFi

Devices which seem interesting: Slate Plus (1300) or Beryl (1300), but what are the differences?
And what do you think, which should be the best box to buy?

  • GL-A1300(Slate Plus) has no TF card slot for external storage, while GL-MT1300(Beryl) has.
  • Slate Plus will have SDK4.0 before Beryl, and the new version will support NAS better.
  • Slate Plus will have better VPN performance if it matters.

Perfect, thanks - the A1300 will be my choice (hopefully it will be available soon, no matter if the new firmware is ready)…

A1300 will likely be around this summer. Please subscribe to the product email notifications for updates: GL-A1300 / Slate Plus - GL.iNet