Need help with a GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) and a 4g modem

hi there,

I own a GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) and will need to use it in a location where my neighbour’s wifi is too far away and quite spotty so I thought: hey, lets look at the compatible modems list: Internet - GL.iNet Docs

and guess what?

most of those listed are either NOT USB but rather PCIe Mini cards OR they are “generic” versions which makes me question whether the listed Huawei E3276 modem is a Huawei E3276/150 or a Huawei E3276-920 or a Huawei E3276-320 or maybe something entirely different?

And then there are a couple of devices listed which I simply cannot find in Europe :frowning:

Additionally, if I google 4g modem in this forum I read horror stories about people having to touch config files or flash openwrt to get a 4g modem working.

So to summarize:

Can somebody please name a 4g modem available in Europe which can be plugged straight into a GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) and used as intended?

I found this post which claims that mode hostless modem should just work - is this true?

Can somebody recommend a hostless modem available in Europe which will work in Europe? I’m currently busy checking them and their frequencies one by one :frowning:
I found this documentation on hostless modems: ROOter by Of Modems and Men.

do I read that right, I plug the hostless modem into say a laptops USB port, access it via its IP, set it up then plug it into my GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) and set it up as tethering?

Hostless modem recommended by GL.iNet:

Your wireless carrier should have USB modems that have been tested to work on their network.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Please just find a hostless modem (Huawei call it hilink).

Did I get this right:

hostless modems are not preferred as they introduce natting but on the other hand, they are easier found and more compatible so less problematic overall?

Yes you are right.

Compability is just difficult. Huawei E3372 and E3276 seems has hundreds of sub models.

When work as hostless, they are almost the same.

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