Need help with imei setting with x3000 nr

I set the IMEI with AT command, and with the request IMEI command on device, I can confirm the IMEI was working as expected, however the IMEI on the mobile plan account management page is still showing the old device IMEI, is there any bugs with the firmware (IIRC the IMEI starts showing old IMEI after latest firmware update)

Will it display correctly after you restart the device?

I tried restarting the device, but it was still the router as the device on T-Mobile web portal, what’s weirder is that even after I took out the sim and put sim back into my Ipad, it is still showing my router as the device, I guess there is some deley in the T-Mobile system, but the fact that the originally IMEI might have leaked at some point might be concerning. One other thing worth noting is that the router was unable to connect to the cellular network after I woke up this morning, might have something to do with it as well.