Need Idiots Guide to getting Wireguard config with NordVPN on my FLINT Router

Said it all in the title…I have found a ton of stuff regarding making this work including Docker Scripts and such… I am looking for the idiots guide to setting this up. I dont want to have to set up a Ubuntu system and start learning Docker…

The OpenVPN is killing my performance and I really dont want to change VPN providers…

How can I manually configure and add a Wireguard Client in my Flint router for use with NORD? Is this simple or should I just forget it?

NordVPN does not use wireguard, It uses Nordlynx (a proprietary version of wireguard exclusive to NordVPN). from what i understand it can be configured. You will first need to connect using a computer to a Nordlynx server. This allows you to get the credentials for public and private keys. Then create a custom VPN profile using them.
Here is a discussion or it:

FYI I did get it to work but would disconnect after a hour and I had to try 20 different servers to get the connection.

Thanks for the quick reply… It really sucks that it so hard to stay protected… Its easier to just turn all this shit off and fly be the seat of my pants… But it never feels right…
Even all my streaming services hate VPN and I need to make exceptions to let them all go t through without the VPN… Ugghhh.

Should I consider using another VPN provider for Wireguard? whats the best out there?

I wouldn’t say you are fully protected with Nord either so. You can find some threads from before, lots of privacy issues with them and shady way to handle things:

For wireguard there are a few like AzireVPN, Mullvad, .

Here is a list Which VPNs Use WireGuard?(as of November 2022)

I personally use Mullvad, you don’t even need to create an account, you get a token and password basically and you are off.

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So Mullvad is a great vpn for business connections and security, but is not great with streaming services, I am using Nordvpn for streaming services and don’t have any issue with it(SmartProxy is really good for streaming). That being said surfshark is supposed to be the best at unblocking content and offers wireguard.

I am testing a free version of Photon VPN using their Wireguard config. I had a Photonmail address and its the same login. I copied and pasted the generated config into the router and it worked right out of the gate… Still have to do some speed tests later…

One thing I noticed. I have added to my VPN Polices. And Amazon still reports its on a VPN. Does the policy setting work with Wireguard?

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How easy is SmartProxy? Turned it on in my Nord account but did not feel I knew exactly where to put those addresses…

So with no vpn on you need to bind it to your IP address ( If you don’t have a static IP address and your ISP uses Dynamic you may need to do this 1 or twice a month) once that is done I have AdGuardHome v0.107.6(latest version) doing dns. DNS servers are Nord with Cloudflare as bootstrap. (I used my roku Mac address) Go to settings in AdGuardHome and choose Client Settings add client to persistent clients list. Fill the info for each tv or steaming stick. Before adding the client,the last options are settings, block specific services and upstream DNS servers. I added the Nord Smartproxy servers to the upstream DNS and Clear the Roku or tv cache if possible and you may want to delete the network and re-added it to clear things out. You may also need a router reboot.

You may also want to add static IP address to your TV/Streaming sticks

If you do it in LuCi the best way is to create a TV/streaming only network with the Nord Smartproxy as DNS