Need some help - product advice - niche use case

I need a small travel router that I can use my iPhone’s Personal Hotspot as the WAN input for the router wirelessly and then have the router create a WiFi network for nearby devices.

I’m wanting to install a Raspberry Pi audio streamer in my boat and need to be able to stream via WiFi from the phone to the Pi over a wireless network. Ultimate goal is to improve overall sound quality by using WiFi (AirPlay, SptofiyConnect, etc.) versus Bluetooth.

Which model(s) of GL-iNet travel routers will support wireless iPhone tethering? Does the Mango do it, or do I need to be looking at the Slate v2?

If I successfully get this setup, will the iPhone and the Raspberry Pi be on the same “network” even though the iPhone is providing the hotspot to the router? This, I’m not fully understanding.

thanks in advance for any help, insight or guidance

Here is my answer.

All of our router can connect to your phone via wifi. I suggest that you use a dual-band router e.g. AR750s.

When in tethering, the router has its own subnet, e.g. different from your phone. So your Pi connected to the router is on different subnet of your phone. We has similar case that in such situation, phone can still cast to chromecast even in different subnet.

But you may use port forwarding on the router so that your phone can conenct to your streamer using the router IP