Need to supporting Trojan(Trojan-go) on AR300M or AR750s


Please help me make a Trojan(Trojan-go) installation package on AR300M or AR750s.
The GFW has been interfering with the Internet and cannot use foreign websites.
I tried to build a Trojan package(GitHub - trojan-gfw/openwrt-trojan: trojan and its dependencies for OpenWrt) with the gl-inet SDK uploaded on github, but it failed many times.
The current firmware version 3.104 on my devices.
Thank you for your supporting!


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@alzhao, @luochongjun
Plz help me…

It needs openwrt 1907.

Can you build from openwrt sources?

Where can I download the source of openwrt(1907)?

I have successfully compiled and packaged Trojan on gl-inet devices(ar750s, ar300m). If you need a binary, you can download and use ipk from the link below.

Thanks to @alzhao and @Johnex!


Is there tutorial on how to install it step by step?