Need to unplug my Mango daily to get decent speeds

I’m using my Mango (GL-MT300N-V2, firmware 3.203) on our vacation home’s terrible wifi. With my phone connected directly to that wifi, I get around 10mbps. When connected to the Mango (set up as repeater), I initially get that too, but after about 18 hours, speeds seem to drop. The connection speed drops to 8, 5, 2mbps and eventually becomes unusable (<0.2mbps).

Unplugging the Mango for 5 minutes fixes the problem, but the mango does not feel particularly warm. only 2-3 clients are connected to the Mango, with only one being actively used at any given time.

I have a Wireguard tunnel active to my home network on the Mango.

Any tips to get the GL-MT300N-V2 more stable? Is the device simply not powerful enough?

Pls try firmware 3.211 beta4 which fixed some bugs related to wireguard GL.iNet download center

These bugs may cause the router crash in unstable wifi connections.

Thank you. I have installed the beta firmware, and will report back whether that fixes the issue.

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Unfortunately, the problem still occurs with the beta firmware.

For the first 12-14 hours the connection was fine, and we were able to stream video, etc. This morning however, after about 24h uptime, the connection had dropped to effectively zero. I had to unplug it for half an hour before getting it to properly connect again, and the speeds are still lower than before (currently ~4mbps).

I get the feeling that this is an overheating issue after all, since simply rebooting does not immediately fix the issue.

Update: after another half hour of rest it seems that speeds are back to 10mbps now.

If you think it is heat, perhaps you have a small fan you could blow at one of the two little holes with the spiral shapes. Even a little air across the chips could help.

Or, more drastically, you could take the board out of the case.

You could also try it for a while without the tunnel and see if you have the same problem. I would have thought heat would manifest itself earlier than 24h. The advertised max speed over wireguard is 45mbps, so 10 doesn’t sound like it would be maxing out the chip.

I was thinking along similar lines. Don’t have a fan handy since I’m on vacation, so I took the board out of its case altogether. This way I can also feel whether the chips get hot.

Let’s see how this goes.

Also I’ve ordered a Beryl, just in case :).

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I ended up not really solving this issue, but I did get the feeling that the positioning of the Mango was also a factor. Obviously, the antenna is quite small, and we noticed that someone sitting between it and clients would decrease the signal significantly.

Since the rental home’s wifi was very poor, I think the Mango was only partially at fault. If a similar situation ever comes up again, I’m curious to see how my new Beryl will do.

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I’d like to hear back. If there if 5G wifi, situation will improve a lot.

In general, try to mount wifi routers, access points and extenders high up to avoid being blocked by people, furniture and other obstructions. Unfortunately, this may resulting in some unsightliness.

I have my main access point mounted near the ceiling in a hallway.

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