Netgear R8500 OpenVPN Server "Can't Connect using GL-AR750 as OpenVPN Client"

Hello Everyone,

I am having issues with the OpenVPN setup on the GL-AR750. Netgear does not allow you to configure any OPVN setting server side and supplies 4 files to use with OPENVPN clients. I am able to succesfully use the VPN on my phone, Windows 10 OpenVPN client, however not able to to use the GL-AR750 OpenVPN client.

My Config is as follows.
dev tap
proto udp
sndbuf 393216
rcvbuf 393216
push “sndbuf 393216”
push “rcvbuf 393216”
remote 12974
resolv-retry infinite
ca ca.crt
cert client.crt
key client.key
cipher AES-128-CBC
verb 4

Firmware of my GL-AR750 is 3.01, tried on the original firmware it shipped with 2.2~ and it didn’t work for either.
My GL-AR750 is connected directly to the modem for isolating the issue. I intend once its working to have it behind a netgear router.

This is the dump of my System LOG.

Checked your log and I assume that you have upload the ovpn and files correctly to the router.

Once again I want to know if you upload a zip contains the ovpn, client.crt, client.key, ca.crt to the router. The file name should be exact the same.

Second, your dev is tap, not tun. I wonder if you can set up as tun. TAP is generally for bridge. I am not sure if this will affect.

Third, please download and upgrade firmware 3.022 which fixed some openvpn bugs

Did you resolve this issue? I’m having trouble connecting my AR-750S with my Netgear R7800. Windows OpenVPN client works fine.