Network Mode: Access Point: Ping to

GL.iNet AR-150 White with firmware 3.201; Network Mode: not Router but Access Point

While debugging something else, I ran Wireshark over night. In that twelve hours, my AR-150 sent 39 pings to The ping happens not periodically but sometimes five minutes, sometimes one hour after the last ping. What is really a curiosity: My AR-150 is not within 192.168.8/24 at all. Any idea what might trigger that?

Is it in AP mode or extender mode?

In AP mode I would be curious as well because I have no idea what is 8.125.

Pls also check if this is something from your pc?

Access Point not Extender
MAC source is the GL.iNet
Nothing is attached to the Wi-Fi; the computer is just passively listening via a Switch with Port Mirroring enabled

What about reboot the router and your pc (if its previous IP is and try another time?

You mean the computer who setup that Access Point? Mhm. Ages ago. Perhaps it got 8.125, yes. However, back then, I just changed the ‘mode’ via an Ethernet cable and then disconnected both. Rebooted quite often since then. Can’t you reproduce the issue? Until now, the longest time between two pings was exactly an hour.

Were you able to reproduce it? Got a new GL-AR300M16, with the same symptom. My steps:

  1. reset via the hardware button (10 seconds)
  2. attached a computer via LAN, computer got
  3. updated the firmware from 2 to 3, did not keep settings
  4. attached the same computer via LAN, computer got
  5. changed the mode to Access Point, did nothing else
  6. removed the computer
  7. attached the GL.iNet to a Switch with Port Mirroring enabled; GL.iNet got something in

Now, I see then and there a ping to, even after several reboots of the GL.iNet.