Network Mode Extender - basic setup

Hi, I’m trying to use Extender mode but I’m not getting the expected result.

I’m trying to connect an Ethernet printer to my Wifi using an AR150. (I want to use the AR150 to convert local WiFi back into Ethernet to connect a canon laser to the LAN.)

Setting up:
I reset the router defaults; log in for the first time.
Connected to the router via the LAN Ethernet port, I select network mode Extender, Next; I select the local WiFi and enter the password. The device restarts(?) and less than a minute later my client is issued an IP address.
But I’m not connecting to the Internet.
And, opposite of the warning message, I can log into to the bridge/extender Admin pages. I can see that the extender’s WiFi is running and broadcasting the Wifi that was previously set up.

(I’ve tried this with AR150 and Velica, both with latest Firmware installed. I get exactly the same results so I conclude the issue is me.)

What am I misunderstanding?

After restart, I can see the Admin screen. I’m set to Extender. But the Internet is not flowing through:

It seems the AP doesn’t let AR150 and Velica connect. Does repeater work? Any access rule configured on your AP?