Network Sharing lets me move folders (with files) but not individual files

I'm using a GL-A1300 and I have activated Samba sharing under Network Sharing. I've formatted my external drive to exFAT and I can see it from my Mac Finder window. If I drag a folder to the share, it gets transferred correctly and I can see all the files I moved. However, if I try moving just a file I get a Mac Error The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50). and a Zero byte file gets transferred.

Has anyone seen this?

exFAT isn't supported. Try to reformat using ext4

Thank you! I will try this and report back

Also, a note to the GL-iNet team. The reason I formatted to exFAT is because the UI from my router recommended it.

This didn't work for me. I followed the instructions on the linked post. I installed the tool via Homebrew and formatted my drive to ext4 but now it won't even show up under network in Finder.

Can you show me a screenshot of this ui?
You can delete all the previous nas configurations and reconfigure them