Network storage not working on glinet Android app


I have a flint 2 router on 4.5.6

I setup NAS using samba. It works fine outside of the glinet Android app. When I click on network storage, it says “user password error”. Doesn’t give me an option to input the details. When I enabled logging on the app, I can see this error in NAS log:

2024-04-06 20:18:20.374842

*** Response ***


Request Data: (name: root, pwd:


Response Text:


it’s trying to login using my router admin password for the GUI/LuCi page. How do I fix this? I even tried making a samba user called root with that password but it won’t let me.

The app will always use the router login credentials to access the router’s NAS storage. It does not use the SAMBA protocol.

The problem maybe that your password (for router login) may contains some speical symbols that the app has problems with. So pls try change your router login password and check.

That was the issue. It had a ‘?’ and other special characters from my password manager auto creation feature, and when I changed it temporarily to “passwords” it works fine. Thank you.

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