Networking GL-MT300n-V2

Hi all, just awaiting the delivery of my GL-MT300-n V2 MANGO and wanted to see anyone could help with a little setup question.

I have a BT homehub router (I know…) which is connect to the internet and running on the 192.168.1.x subnet. Plugged into this I have an EERO Mesh wifi system that then provides coverage around the house. My plan is to plug the MANGO between the 2 devices (so wan into the BT router and LAN into the EERO network). As I would like to be able to change the gateway of certain clients to the MANGO and use the VPN connectivity from devices connected to this LAN.

In my head this works - but can anyone share any advice on how to do this???



If you connect BT router – MANGO – EERO this serial way, all devices will use VPN connectivity by default. Is that good enough?
Could you draw a picture of your topology and describe more about your requirement?

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I would have preferred using GL.iNet for your routing and use the eero strictly as an access point. The Mango is however not powerful enough as a main router and you would need something like the Flint or the Slate AX but if your budget cannot stretch then the way you have describes is possibly the only way forward.


I go this working where the BT router - MANGO - EERO is connected. I can then flip my default gateway to either the EERO gateway and use that ok or to the MANGO and route my traffic via that. Thanks