New Actual version of ar150 tor firmware?

Hi Alzhao,

Currently I’m using openwrt-ar150-tor-1.3.bin firmware on my GL-Ar150 but, for one of my projects I need to expand router with second wifi card.

I buy mt7601u dongle but current openwrt-ar150-tor-1.3 firmware does not support it :frowning:

Can you publish most recent openwrt version with tor or in case it is possible to guide me how to setup mt7601u to work with your current openwrt-ar150-tor-1.3.bin firmware.


Thank you in advance for your help and support :slight_smile:






It is difficult to install a kernel driver in this firmware. I suggest you compile your own firmware if you can.

You refer to this old post for instructions: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Also choose the kernel module for 7601u.

Thank you for replay


Will try it this weekend




Use this link instead. Tor - GL.iNet Docs