New and faster version of MUDI

A question for the GL.Inet team: do you plan to develop the MUDI router/modem to make it faster, have slightly better components and the ability to remove the battery and work without it?

You could just as easily have a romance between SLATE_AX and MUDI, and in this form a router with a Quectel EP06-E/A or faster card would be nice.


How about the GL-X750V2 Spitz? There is a module which is the Quectel EP06-E.

hello, thank you very much for your reply. The GL-X750V2 router you mention is nice, but certainly not as convenient to use as MUDI or Slate_AX, all because of the protruding antennas which can potentially be damaged when carried or used. I tested MUDIV2 but I was not satisfied with its performance and the fact that it has a built-in battery. In my opinion, the battery can be good, but it would be nice if it was easily replaceable and a standard one, and it would be great if the router could work without a battery, powered by a power bank or the network.

Thanks for your information about user scenarios and suggestions, I will note to products team.

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