New App GLInet for ios does not has script access

Hi, I have a Mango router with firmware version 3.2.16. First time I bough, I,ve download it IOs app a configure all issues in perfect mode. I’ ve also configured the behaviour of the side button to switch between VPN off/on from inside the app and all worked fine for a long time. After came a new app Gl.inet, very nice and professional but I can’t found the menu in order to modify side button behaviour !!! It is not available, I think. Can yo explain to me (I’m not an expert IT) how can I modify the script? Do I need to do or load something from the usb Mango port? Thank you for help

Isn’t it here?

Hi! No, there is such choice

Thank you a lot for the tip! I resolved the problem upgrading router to the lastest version

I’m happy :grin: