New App test version for the Slate AX

Anyone who want to test App, please use the following link:
China Mainland:Download Now
Global:go to Google Play, then join the beta.

China Mainland:Download Now
Global:Download Now

Please note this version is v1.1.1 with full NAS function.
And the upcoming v1.2 with all functions optimization will be released next week.

Issue report:

iOS Testflight: v. 1.1.1 (100)
Issue: the router DNS setting doesn’t reflect to App
Detail: manually setting 4 DNS servers on the router, the App only have 2 fields to show and the fields are all blank (no DNS server listed)

Android App(v.1.1.1) also has same issue.

Got it, thanks for feedback

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What benefits do I gain on the app vs. a web-browser?

A few notes:

  • I had to join the Beta option from the android store to get the version that recognize the Slate AX.
  • The initial setup through the app would only accept the default SSID. I was eventually able to back out and have it connect using my custom SSID but it was not an easy option to make work.
  • The app does not show correct information. My two custom VPN options (wireguard and OpenVPN) do to show up in the VPN Client tab.
  • The “Clients” icon correctly shows the number of connected clients but when you click on the icon and go to the clients screen, there is nothing listed.

Any way to rename the clients connected? I got like 5 unkowns as the connected device. Though i know some of them (based on MAC).

Hmm I cannot seem to find the test version for android on play store, I only noticed two gl-inet apps I’m curious to test this aswell.

Anyone can direct me where to download?

You need to activate the beta program for gl-inet app in the Android Store.
Using the Android Play Store, search the gl-inet app and you will see a bit below the Uninstall and Update/Open buttons the option to join the beta program.

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Ah thank you, I noticed I was on a double account which didn’t gave me the option but I switched now it works :+1::grin:

Yes, have to join the Beta on Google Play, thanks defibos.
But the screenshot of the app is not correct.
Below is the right app. Its url is

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Aha, it’s correct now, tks Leo for sharing. @Leo

The APP is still lack of a lot of features. The basic UI still have problems.

But you can try the File sharing features now.

APP is mostly useful in three areas:

  1. Remote management
  2. Share to your wife. I can no way to teach my wife to use the web browser
  3. Some special applications, .e.g. for file sharing, you can use the app to browser files, videos directly
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I’m going to tell your wife you said that :rofl:

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Do via web interface:
Luci → Network → Hostnames
or if you want to do Static IP as well
Luci → Network → DHCP and DNS