New Beryl MT1300n plug in USB HD nothing happens?

Also, run in SSH:

block info



hello, you can use the 3.211 version:

the new version update linux kernel version. some USB storage device not work in 3.203, it can work well in 3.211

Just for laughs and before you upgrade to 3.211, can you test using a USB stick, instead of SSD and HDD.
It would be useful to know whether GL-MT1300N has a problem working with a simple USB stick.

I simply updated to 3.211 and all seems to be working.

In windows explorer I type enter, I see GL-Samba folder, and in this folder I now see my Samsung 830 SSD contents.

Thanks for all the help!


Hello friend, can you dump the firmware of the router GL-MT1300 (Beryl) v1 to me, please, I need a dump to restore it if any of you have a dump, or you can make it and throw it off, please do it guys.

Holy bump Batman!

You can download the firmware here:

I do not need a packed firmware , but an unpacked one , the router chip is 32 megabytes, to restore it , this is the usual firmware does not work , I need a full unpacked firmware dump

Have you tried flashing the link I sent in uBoot? An unpacked firmware is not going to help you, but you can build a tar file with the gl-infra-builder if you want.

Others cannot dump whole 32MByte flash data to you, as each router contains unique info.

If in case you lost the factory data, you should talk to technical support, giving your mac address to ask for factory data.

But if you lost uboot, then it is a brick.