New Device - Config Error

I just got my new GL-AR750s. Seems pretty straightforward. Set it up in Bridge Mode. Firmware appears to be the latest. I go into Applications/Plugins and tap UPGRADE. It returns after 30 secs or so. So that should be fine.

When I do to File Sharing. It tells me it isn’t installed yet. Wait. System refreshing the library. Then the INSTALL button activates. When I tap it, I get two different error results, seemingly at random:

  1. Opkg temporarily unavailable
  2. Please update software packages in APPLICATIONS|Plug-ins first

Ugh. Any ideas? One of the primary functions I get this for was File Sharing.


Find gl-files-browser and install it in plugin page

Or ssh to the router and install manually.

opkg update
opkg install gl-files-browser