New Device Detected

On my GL app, it notified a new device has connected through the guest account with a MAC address.

It has happened three times yesterday. This is the first time I have seen this. Does mean I have been hacked or my password has been compromised?

There should only be 3-4 devices. I have turned off the guest account and this has disconnected the device.

I have been in a rented apartment for the last three months.

Also, I see lots of apps installed on the router page, such as Luci, etc… Is this normal? I have a Beryl 1300.


Does this mean the entire router has been compromised or just the guest account?

Yup, that’s normal.

Share the MAC with us, so we can help you identifying the device. Or check it by yourself here.

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If they are on your guest network, then they must have guessed or knew your guest pre-shared key (PSK) or there is not a PSK set. If you use it, change the PSK (and SSID). If you are not going to use it, turn it off.

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Or it’s even more simple and the current guest devices rotated the MAC.
MAC randomization is pretty common now.


That could certainly be the case. But I have not seen a device that rotates MAC addresses 3-4 times a day yet to the same SSID.

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I am surprise that they are able to guess the password. Our is over 30 characters with lots of off characters.

It does sound unlikely.