New DominoPi Firmware 1.3

I saw that there was a new DominoPi firmware 1.3 that came out 3 weeks ago.

Could you please advertize it when some new firmware like this one is coming out ?

Also, I have notice that all “oldpackages” present in the 1.1 version are not there in 1.3.

Is there any reason ?

Fortunately, I used some of 1.1 to install them under 1.3, but I had to download them manually instead of relying to remote opkg.


Hi Martinayotte, Firmware 1.3 is using openwrt CC1505. Software repo is upgraded and openwrt deleted “openpackages” by default.

What packages in “oldpackages” are needed by you. I will have a check.

Hi Alzhao,

i2c-tools along with its dependency libi2c.

Fortunately, using the one from 1.1 seems to work.

But maybe someothers would be interesting, like python-smbus, for which the old 1.1 still crashing.


I see.

I can try to compile the “oldpackages” and upload them.

Thanks, Alzhao !

It will be appreciated by the community since maybe other packages are still helpful.


I am compiling the oldpackages, there are tens of packages failing to compile. Openwrt remove this by default because these packages are not actively maintained. I am trying to correct as many as possible.