New Firmware for Slate AR750ext

I had bricked my AR750sExt. With the excellent GL.iNet video on youtube, I have rebricked it with the uboot firmware. Now, I will load 4.3.11, it cancel, but I saw in the video, that the file suffix from firmware to load is .bin, my firmware from dowload have .tar. what is my bug? (IPv4 LAN, Firefox shows Firmware Update)

For debricking (Uboot) you need to download the uboot image:

It's img which is basically bin - so all is fine.

For upgrades using the GUI tar files are fine.

you understand me? I see the screen from in Moziila. This show Firmware Update so as in the YT video from When I enter the uboot firmware with .img I see a red UPDATE FAILED Something went wrong (too big, too small or get more info in uboot console).When enter the firmware update wth .tar it cancelled.

Read Upgrade the Uboot version here: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

ok, thanks I will do my best.

If you have an older AR750sEXT with old uboot code, it will not load any firmware newer than the 3.104 firmware img file. If this is the case, you have two choices:

  1. Update the uboot code, then load the newer versions of firmware.

  2. Load 3.104 firmware img file, and then doing a multi-step update using the GUI and the tars firmware files starting with 3.105->3.216->4.x

Look here for information on the new uboot code.

Make sure you use the correct uboot file, or your router will become permanently bricked

If you want to try the 3.104 firmware img file, it was recently put back on the GL iNet firmware site by support, and is under Legacy


Thank you for this information, with 3.104 its gone. Should i know it earlier, I would saved myself many hours.

It is there!


Thank you for respond. I hope this will add to Dokumentation and I can rebrick my Ar750sext with this uboot-version. Otherwise I only have a 2.0 A power supply.