New gl-a1300 seems only to work with 1 out of 5 routers so far :(

I just bought this and out of the box, it was not working at all. I had to manually download and update the firmware to latest by uploading to the router. After that, I finally got it to work at home but as I travel ALOT (different city each month), I am comparing my mac connecting to various router and this thing does not show the 5G networks though it talks about 5g speeds here → GL-A1300 / Slate Plus - GL.iNet

What is going on? Honestly, it seems pretty much like a brick. Is there a another newer firmware to correct all these issues? honestly, seems like the timeouts are WAY WAY tooooo aggressive so that it works with 1 out of 5 routers so far.

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You mean MAC can’t search the SSID of 5G wifi?

I mean currently gl-a1300 is only showing 2.4Ghz networks after scanning for networks but even connecting to those just times out while my macbook works just fine. It scans fine and finds all 5G and 2.4G and I can connect to them all. With this gl-a1300, I can’t really do much at all.

Can you check if these 5G channels are using DFS channel?

A1300 does not connect to DFS because of certification