New GL-A1300 Travel Router Router on the way?


There is a new router named A-1300.

I see has the same hardware that AP-1300, it’s that right?

When do you plan to sell it?

They use the same main chip, but their usage scenarios are different. The A1300 is a portable product, and the AP1300 is more of a commercial deployment。

I was browsing the forum and saw this post. I immediately registered to ask:

Can you confirm the kind of power plug on this upcoming A1300? I’m really hoping it is USB-C. For several reasons. First is USB-C is a more robust connector, and more future proof, but also for another reason.

I’ve found the AR750S is very picky with adapters. I was using what I though was a high quality micro-USB adapter with it, an anker power port (5* rating on amazon, hundreds of reviews) rated to deliver substantially more than the router would draw, but it was unstable. I struggled with that for a while, and I’ve now figured out it was the adapter, I swapped for a Canakit micro-USB adapter for the raspberry pi 3. Since then it’s been perfect.

I only solved it by testing running it off a battery, and finding it would run with no stability issues that way.

Usb-C would ensure compatibility with adapters for the raspberry pi 4, which should have excellent long term availability (and the more reputable suppliers for them sell a consistently reliable product) .

If this new portable router is USB-C powered it’s the device I’ve been asking GL.iNet (in direct messages) for nearly a year! I can guarantee that I, for one, will buy it as soon as its available!

My wish list is a roughly AR750S equivalent device wifi speed equivalent to the AR750S or faster, 3 gigabit lan ports, usbc power, and at least one extra USB port. Similar in size to an AR750S, but a bit bigger is fine.

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OK thank you.
When do you plan to sell it?

It will use the Type-C interface.

Wonderful! I’m looking forward to the launch.

Unfortunately for us, I think the release is probably 3+ months away, given the release timeline on the Cirrus AP-1300. I’m assuming the A1300 has been delayed by COVID.

I’m saying that because it was about ~3 months to availability after the official announcement to product availability, and there technically hasn’t been an “official” formal product announcement for the A1300 yet.

I can wait. :expressionless: :expressionless:

I guess it would be delayed? Haven’t heard of any announcement yet.

BTW can I check, is it possible to change/modify the micro USB port in AR750S to a USB-C port? Can it be done via DIY? If that’s doable, it would be great.

Has anyone tried?

A release date has not been set, so a delay is not possible :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You can get a USB-C pcb connector, desolder the micro-usb and botch in the USB-C that way sure.
Since its only used for power, you can do it pretty easy.

Still waiting, I suspect development/launch was delayed due to Covid-19.

This has popped up again on your page. Looks exciting!!

It was suspended for some reason.

Now resumed.